Do You Want to Sell Tickets On Facebook? Here Are 3 Critical Reasons for Considering Shopify

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Do You Want to Sell Tickets On Facebook? Here Are 3 Critical Reasons for Considering Shopify

When planning an event, you want to reach out to a large audience. Your purpose is having a large number of people coming to your events. You do not plan to spend lots of dollars on designing tickets and marketing and only receive 200 attendees in an event set for 20000 people. For this to happen, you must engage in searching customers in the right places. Selling tickets on Facebook is one way of reaching out to a wider crowd. Facebook is the largest social platform with at least 4 billion subscribers and over 2 billion active users per month. Hence, you cannot ignore this number. However, trying to sell tickets on Facebook can be a challenge. You need an e-commerce platform to enable you to enhance your ticket selling processes. Shopify is the best option in this area. Here are the reasons why you should consider it:

Opportunity to reach a wider audience

As an online ticket seller, you need to have a well-structured way of reaching out to a wider audience. Your event can only be a success when you sell out all tickets as planned. Facebook presents you with an opportunity for reaching out to this audience. Also, considering Shopify is the empire builder in the online arena, combining the two platforms ensures you reach a wide audience. You have a chance to receive converting traffic from both Facebook and search engine which is a good way to boost your sales.

Ability to engage with your targets

Engaging with your customers is the secret of driving more sales. You need to consult and answer your target questions. Facebook offers you an opportunity to have social interaction with target customers. On the other hand, Shopify supports social engagement by allowing customers to leave comments about your products on Facebook which reflect on the store page. As such, when selling tickets online, Shopify Facebook combination brings in a social engagement aspect. This way, you have an opportunity to drive more sales.

You enjoy all features in Shopify on your Facebook store

Running a Shopify Facebook ticketing store brings in a lot of features. First, you have a smart way of managing your inventories. Also, you can assess the performance of your campaigns and retargeting approaches. Also, Facebook enables you to offer real-time feedback using the messenger. With these capabilities, selling tickets online becomes an easy affair. You can manage your ticketing store effectively. This way, you realize your sales goals.

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